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Lanzamiento de DataProtection Review en inglés

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Se acaba de presentar “DataProtection Review”:http://www.dataprotectionreview.eu, esophagitis la revista de la agencia madrileña de protección de datos en idioma inglés, more about que complementa la ya conocida revista “datospoersonales.org”:http://www.madrid.org/comun/datospersonales/0,,457237_0_458301__-1,00.html . No es la primera publicación en inglés, pues ya existen prestigiosas revistas tales como “Privacy Laws & Business”:http://www.privacylaws.com/newsletters.international.html (editada por Stewart Dresner), “Privacy & Data Protection journal”:http://privacydataprotection.co.uk/journal/ (Editada por Peter Carey), y el “Privacy Law & Policy Reporter”:http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/PLPR/ (PLPR) de Australia, de Graham Greenleaf, y por último, la “Revista de Habeas Data y Protección de Datos”:http://www.habeasdata.org/Revista-2006-1 que publicamos en este sitio y su “blog”:http://www.rdynt.com.ar/blog/.

Felicitaciones por el excelente logro. Abajo encontrarán el comunicado en inglés de la APD de Madrid.


The Data Protection Agency of Madrid (APDCM) is an independent public body that was set up in 1997 to supervise compliance with data protection regulations by the Local and Regional Public Administrations of the Region of Madrid. It was the first established sub-national data protection authority in Spain out of the three that now exist.

Since its very foundation, raising awareness among citizens and controllers as well as delivering training and education for public employees have been top priorities for the APDCM. In this respect, a number of initiatives and projects have been developed over the past years on an ongoing basis. Among them, it could mentioned that more than 30.000 public employees have attended training sessions on data protection organised by the APDCM, the organisation of seminars addressed to specific sectors (typically, around 5 seminars a year), the publication of manuals, sector guides and academic monographs on specific data protection topics, the leadership of European financed projects on training in data protection and data protection in e-Government (DATAPROT and e-PRODAT) and the annual convening of the European Price for Data Protection Best Practices in Public Bodies, now in its III Edition.

Besides, the APDCM has already a consolidated bi-monthly on-line magazine addressed to the Spanish speaking community. It has more than 5.800 subscribers and has already published 23 issues. Its main goal it is to serve as a knowledge management tool that can provide to the reader with the most outstanding news in the field of data protection, articles presenting the opinion of relevant experts, regulations, case law, decision and advice by the Data Protection Agency of Madrid, events, book reviews and discussion forums

As a new step in the direction of expanding knowledge about data protection and establishing a new vehicle for the exchange of information and experiences in the matter, the APDCM launches a new on-line review, the dataprotectionreview.eu that it is intended to appear every 4 months.

The review it is addressed to a broad international audience including members of data protection authorities, scholars, students, professionals, practicing lawyers, NGOs and to those members of the general public interested in having updated information on privacy matters as well as in reading opinions from Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners and relevant experts.

One of its main goals is to serve as a channel of communication for a broader audience to know all interesting national experiences, regulations, case law and news that many times, due to the language barrier, are not properly known outside a specific country.

The main sections you could find in every issue of the review are:

Commissioner-™s Corner: The magazine would include, in every issue, an article from a Data Protection Commissioner in which he or she could express his or her opinion on a subject of his or her choice because of its importance or topicality at the national or international level. It may serve as a good platform for Commissioners to speak up their opinions without the restrictions of formal meetings or the decisions or pieces of advice produced by Data Protection and Privacy Authorities have because of their nature.

Experts-™ Opinion: Articles from international data protection experts. They can be members of Data Protection Authorities, legal experts, university professors or practising lawyers. The papers can deal with different topics and from different angles depending of the author and may range from legal analysis of regulations or decisions from Data Protection Authorities to personal views on different subjects.

In the last four months: As a review that issues three numbers a year it cannot be expected to be updated with highly topical subjects but it would like to provide the readers with a summary of the most relevant and important facts and news that happened since the publication of the last issue.

Regulation and Case Law: Its contents will be references, reviews and comments of new regulations and important judicial decisions at any level: sub-national, national, European or worldwide.

Decisions and Opinions: It will be devoted to make available decisions and opinions of Data Protection Authorities of any country that are considered of interest because of its novelty, relevance or implications for citizens, institutions or data controllers.

The APDCM desires this new project be a useful tool for increasing mutual knowledge among the members of the international privacy and data protection community as well as a valuable source of information for any person interested in the subject. The members both of the Advisory Council and the Editorial Board, composed by Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, University Professors and high-rank officials from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, El Salvador, European Institutions, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay will be happy to receive any information or contribution you may deem interesting for its publication.

The dataprotectionreview.eu is a free publication that can be accessed at “http://www.dataprotectionreview.eu”:http://www.dataprotectionreview.eu. If you would like to be informed of the publication of every new issue, you can freely subscribe by filling in the form you can find in this brochure and sending it to the indicated address or, alternatively, accessing the -Subscription- area of the online review.

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